In the pursuit of happiness we often get stuck focusing on things we believe will make us a happier person. But they might not be easily available: Travelling the world, getting married or getting a new job are just some examples.

Luckily, there are plenty of very actionable things you can do to become more happy instantly. They are readily available to you and don’t cost any money.

Those five tips are the ones that had the biggest impact on my own happiness. I strongly believe that every other woman executing and living those five tips will be a much happier person instantly.

5 actionable tips to make yourself a happier person

Tip#1 Declutter your life

I’m listing this one first because it is the easiest one execute. It will have a huge impact on your happiness journey. Kick-start decluttering by getting rid of things you are never using and clothes you are not wearing. Find your preferred way to get rid of them for that extra happiness kick: Donate, sell or give them to friends. Next, reduce your excess food storage by using things up one at a time. Then, go through all the contracts that you have and cancel the ones you really don’t need (think bank accounts, insurance contracts, memberships).

The extra space you are making available will feel relieving. The whole process will free your mind. Eventually, you will have a lot less things you need to take care about.

Make sure it stays like that. Buy more fresh produce instead of storage food. Think twice before you buy new clothes. Stop rewarding yourself with buying things you don’t actually need.

Tip#2 Plan time for yourself

…and by that I mean with your beautiful self and no one else. I promise it will be a major game changer when you start to actively plan time that you spend by yourself. I’m not talking about hanging out by yourself watching movies or binging on series. I’m talking about uninterrupted time to actually listen in on your thoughts, needs and worries. Sort them, make sense of them, reflect. Doing research on things that are on your mind can be part of that me-time.

Put yourself in an environment that makes you feel good. Think about setting up a morning ritual where you are sipping your coffee or tea in your comfy corner. Going outside for a walk in the sun or having a hot, scented bath in winter can be options, too.

Spending time by yourself does not come easy for everyone. It will get easier over time and help you to stay connected with yourself. Meditation can be a good way to start. I really liked using the Headspace App that teaches you meditation in just a few minutes per day. [Personal recommendation. I don’t get anything for referrals.]

Tip#3 Get physically active

It does not matter what you are doing as long as you are active: yoga, swimming, running, weightlifting, dancing, anything! Try different things and find the activities you enjoy.

Being physically active gives you an immediate “happiness reward”. The hormones referred to as the “happiness hormones” are released during or after training. Working out regularly will increase the overall level of those hormones in your body. This in turn will make you a more satisfied, balanced and happier person.

Moreover, seeing changes in your body and fitness will make you proud and more confident. On top of those benefits, sports is a very good way to meet new people and make new friends.

For at-home workout inspiration check out my blog post The Benefits of Working out with Resistance Bands.

Tip#4 Nurture your body well

I know you saw that one coming. A healthy and balanced diet, however, is inevitable becoming a happier person. The most obvious way to start is to skip the junk food and excessive sugar. Even if you might like the taste, it is messing with your body and has a negative impact on your health, hormones, cravings and MOOD.

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Even when you are down to a clean diet, you will still have cravings now and then. Having cravings as a woman who’s undergoing a monthly cycle is just normal. You will learn to accept them and find your own way to deal with them. They will actually help you read your body’s signs. This is way different from the cravings and mood swings you would have on a bad diet. There, your body is basically high on sugar and asking for a continuous supply.

This topic is way too complex to go into detail here. If you are not familiar with the bad effects of junk food and refined sugar on your body, I highly encourage you to put in some research.

Tip#5 Learn how to say no

I’m sure this one is the most difficult for the majority of us women and hence it’s coming up last. It took myself a long time and a lot of practice to say “no” in a more natural and confident way. Not giving in to this constant urge to say “yes” trying to please people has been a difficult process and is a continuous one.

It is so good in so many ways, though. It sets free a lot of time that you can use to do things that actually generate value for yourself. You will become more aware of what you like to do and whom you enjoy spending time with. People will have a hard time using you for their own intentions.

At work: Saying “no” at work in a careful and well-thought manner can help you do a better job. Many of us are doing a lot of work that they are not actually being paid for.

To friends & family: You may feel obliged to saying “yes” to requests by your friends or family but are you really? Being honest can save both you and the other person from an unsatisfactory experience. It usually shows when you are not actually dedicated to what your friend asked from you.

To strangers: Quite a few of us even have a hard time saying “no” to strangers. I used to be like that. But what I learned it this: What do we have to lose anyways? Nothing.


For the majority of people, the key to becoming a happier person is to start being more happy in their current state of life.

As soon as you are more content with your current situation your values and views might change and you may get a different view on your ideal happy life. Suddenly, your job might not seem that bad any more. Potentially, the idea of getting married was induced by external factors. Maybe a trip to Spain would suffice for now and the big travels can be planned for a later point in time.

I would be very happy to hear about your experiences, whether you’ve been implementing those 5 tips above or have already gone through your own process of becoming a happier person.

Leave a comment if you like. <3


Cover picture by Lucas Schardong, Maui, Hawaii, US.