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Personal training in Berlin

For Women.

Personal training and Covid-19

In addition to gym training, I am currently offering outdoor training sessions in Berlin Friedrichshain. Please contact me if you would like to train outdoors.

The gyms are open and I am available again for training at the gym (John Reed Prenzlauer Allee). I am required to wear a mask during our session, but you can train without a mask. I am disinfecting all equipment before and after we use it.

Special offer

for new clients

... who book until end of July 2020

Let me help you get back into your training after the lockdown. My offer for you is a 200€ discount for your first booking. On top, I will lower the price even further to account for the VAT reduction in Germany from 19% to 16%:

10 training sessions (at 60 minutes each) at John Reed Prenzlauer Allee for 731€ instead of 950€. On top, you get your own Antje Smiles branded gym towel and a workout plan for 3 workouts you can do by yourself when our sessions are over.

For the 10 sessions with me, you don’t need to sign a contract with the gym.

Personal training in Berlin at John Reed Prenzlauer Allee.


Mon – Sat, 7:00am – 1:00pm

Trial session:

45€ and free entry to the gym. Book a trial session so that we can get to know each other and you can experience the gym and the training.

Prenzlauer Allee 248/251, 10405 Berlin

I’m the right trainer for you if you would like to get your body in shape, get stronger overall, feel better and younger… and have lots of fun during the training!

I currently do NOT offer meal plans or in-depth nutrition advice. Basic nutrition advice is included for my regular clients if needed.

P.s.: I speak German and English 🙂

Book your trial session now!

Tell me about your specific fitness goal…

…and what is keeping you from reaching it. I can help you by structuring your workouts, teaching you how to train and providing tons of motivation!

You need me as your motivation to go to the gym?

Ok, sure! Let’s train together on a regular basis. My prices:

  • single session: 95€ (!! 92,60€ until end of 2020 –> 16% VAT instead of 19%)
  • 5 sessions -5%
  • 10 sessions -10%
  • 15 sessions -15%

Every client who trains with me on a regular basis gets his own account in my training app where they will have access to workouts, their progress pictures and body measurements.

All you need is a structured workout plan and some practice?

Or you simply can’t afford ongoing personal training in Berlin? No problem! I will put together a workout plan according to your specific needs and fitness goals. A few personal training sessions together give us the chance to practice the exercises.

  • Plan S: plan for 2 workout days/week + 2 training sessions = 240€ (Plan update incl. 1 training session = 95€) –> (!! 233,95€ until end of 2020 –> 16% VAT instead of 19%)
  • Plan M: plan for 3 workout days/week + 3 training sessions = 335€ (Plan update incl. 1 training session = 105€) –> (!! 326,55€ until end of 2020 –> 16% VAT instead of 19%)
  • Plan L: plan for 4 workout days/week + 4 training sessions = 419,15€ (Plan update incl. 1 training session = 115€)

What clients say about me and our training:

five stars review

Cassandra: “After a year of focusing on my career I made the decision that it was time to take care of my body. I used to be really fit and was eager to get back into shape.

After a long break, it was really hard finding the motivation to enter a gym on my own. That’s why I reached out to Antje! She is absolutely inspiring, and her dedication is contagious. Antje and her personal training in Berlin were exactly what I needed to find a regular workout routine.”

five stars review

Magdalena: “The company I work for has a gym and I tried working out there by myself. However, I didn’t know what exercises would be effective for me. My goal was to lose some weight and feel fit. Antje provided the structure I needed and explained everything really well.

I was happy to see that the workouts she assigned to me started showing results really fast. They also helped me relieve my back from long working hours behind the desk.”

five stars review

Deshalynn: “Working very long hours I have recently been struggling a lot sticking to a workout routine and eating healthy. Antje’s customised workout plan, nutrition advice and mental support have helped me so much and I have been seeing incredible progress.”

five stars review

Verity: Antje is a great coach! We started when I was completely out of shape and she was happy to adapt the workouts as I got fitter and lost weight. When I found out I was pregnant we continued working out and again changed up the workout each week depending on what I could or couldn’t do!

It was so great to have someone that was super flexible and when one exercise didn’t work, was able to switch directly to another! I’m excited to continue training once my baby is here!

A sneak-peek into the training with my clients:

Quality first!

Quality of training is my highest value. Every client is different and so are their training needs. Therefore, a qualified trainer is able to progress each client in a specific way.

I can help you…

  • become stronger
  • lose body fat
  • get a better posture
  • relieve back pain
  • overcome shoulder or knee issues
  • improve balance and coordination
  • develop healthy habits
  • train efficiently
  • have fun at the gym!

You are just one click away from starting your fitness journey!

I am looking forward to meeting you. Contact me now to book your personal training in Berlin.

Yes, I would like to get fit!