I only started working out when I was 28.

It is always the right time to start.

I’m a former international manager who made a career change into personal training, lifestyle coaching and mentoring, with some occasional business consulting. I am passionate about empowering other women and making them stronger, both physically and mentally. My focus is on combining advice about fitness, work, wellbeing and the every day challenges of life.

I started my own fitness transformation and personal development journey when I was 28. Now, being in my mid-thirties, I am athletic and I’m feeling the most confident in body and mind ever in my life!

Strong Body, Strong Mind!

… is not just a saying.

My passion is to support, inspire and enable other women to feel their best and live a meaningful life.

Fitness has played a major role in my self-development journey. I was not born being sporty, rather the opposite. I used to be scared of so many things like heights, water, speed, and preferred staying in my comfort zone – as a child, a teenager and a young woman. I was missing out on so many fun and beautiful things in life.

What gave me the kick to start living life to the fullest was when I broke up with a long but very unhappy relationship. I had completely forgotten to take care of myself, my needs and dreams. Not too long before the break-up I had experienced two miscarriages that made me despise my body.

Instead of giving in, I decided I need to feel myself and my body again. I started my own training to kick off my fitness transformation: a mixture of bodyweight and high intensity training, plus running. In addition, I radically changed my diet to a clean and high-protein diet. Within only a couple of months I made crazy progress, burned fat, built muscle and gained a ton of confidence!

Since then I have tried all kinds of different physical activities, including surfing, pole dancing, yoga, crossfit, kickboxing, powerlifting, hiking, snorkelling, calisthenics, and others. I just love moving my body and learning new ways to do so. It also makes me feel and look a lot younger than I actually am.

Antje lifting weights

Other than fitness, my professional background is managing global teams in technology companies. I’ve been climbing up the career ladder super fast and I loved my previous job, but it was also intense.

Being fit and strong key to dealing with long working hours and very high stress levels.

At some point I felt the urge to do something entirely different. Something that felt like a calling, or a purpose. I got certified as a fitness trainer, then started experimenting with my own body and training. As people around me saw my transformation and dedication, they started inquiring about training.

Two years later, I decided to change my life radically: I left my job and took almost one year off. I wanted to travel, get new energy and inspiration and see other beautiful countries and people. One of the best decisions for my personal development.

During my travels I discovered surfing as my biggest passion. This still surprises me because my entire life I was scared of lakes, pools and the ocean. I was horrified when I had to swim or my head went below the surface. Now, I love the ocean, surfing and diving!

I love enabling other people, especially women, to become more confident in their bodies and minds.

Everything I have achieved in terms of strength, endurance and confidence has been built within just a few years. I only got started at the age of 28.

I believe in building strong and functional bodies. Fitness goals should be sustainable and realistic and diets should not be strict but rather healthy, clean and intuitive. Your fitness transformation is not about becoming especially skinny or especially ripped. It’s about developing a feeling and love for your body. That’s what my holistic approach to training is all about.