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Personal training in Berlin

For Women.

Where you can train with me:

John Reed Prenzlauer Allee, Berlin Mitte

Trial session:  45€ and free entry to the gym. Book a trial session so that we can get to know each other and you can experience the gym and the training.

Book your trial session now!
Prenzlauer Allee 248/251, 10405 Berlin

GOLD’s GYM Berlin.


Trial session:  45€ and free entry to the gym. Book a trial session so that we can get to know each other and you can experience the gym and the training.

Book your trial session now!
Paulsternstraße 22, 13629 Berlin

Tell me about your specific fitness goal…

…and what is keeping you from reaching it. I can help you by structuring your workouts, teaching you how to train and providing tons of motivation! By the way: I speak German and English.

I enable women to become strong & confident!

Most of my clients are women and are starting out as complete beginners. Getting started at the gym can be intimidating. I know the feeling because that’s how I felt, too, in the beginning!

It is my mission and passion to help women become comfortable at the gym, be confident among the crowd and in the weights room. I will teach you how to work out independently.

How much does it cost?

For personal training sessions, my prices are as follows: 

  • single session: 95€
  • 5 sessions -5%
  • 10 sessions -10%

For special requests, if that doesn’t fit your budget or if you are looking for a workout plan instead of ongoing personal training, please get in touch with me for you personal offer.

What clients say about me and our training:

five stars review

Cassandra: “After a year of focusing on my career I made the decision that it was time to take care of my body. I used to be really fit and was eager to get back into shape.

After a long break, it was really hard finding the motivation to enter a gym on my own. That’s why I reached out to Antje! She is absolutely inspiring, and her dedication is contagious. Antje and her personal training in Berlin were exactly what I needed to find a regular workout routine.”

five stars review

Magdalena: “The company I work for has a gym and I tried working out there by myself. However, I didn’t know what exercises would be effective for me. My goal was to lose some weight and feel fit. Antje provided the structure I needed and explained everything really well.

I was happy to see that the workouts she assigned to me started showing results really fast. They also helped me relieve my back from long working hours behind the desk.”

five stars review

Deshalynn: “Working very long hours I have recently been struggling a lot sticking to a workout routine and eating healthy. Antje’s customised workout plan, nutrition advice and mental support have helped me so much and I have been seeing incredible progress.”

five stars review

Verity: Antje is a great coach! We started when I was completely out of shape and she was happy to adapt the workouts as I got fitter and lost weight. When I found out I was pregnant we continued working out and again changed up the workout each week depending on what I could or couldn’t do!

It was so great to have someone that was super flexible and when one exercise didn’t work, was able to switch directly to another! I’m excited to continue training once my baby is here!

A sneak-peek into the training with my clients:

Quality first!

Quality of training is my highest value. Every client is different and so are their training needs. Therefore, a qualified trainer is able to progress each client in a specific way.

I can help you…

  • become stronger
  • lose body fat
  • get a better posture
  • relieve back pain
  • overcome shoulder or knee issues
  • improve balance and coordination
  • develop healthy habits
  • train efficiently
  • have fun at the gym!

You are just one click away from starting your fitness journey!

I am looking forward to meeting you. Contact me now to book your personal training in Berlin.

Yes, I would like to get fit!

Click here here if you would like to learn a bit more about my own fitness journey and personal story.


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Antje Smiles Personal Training in Berlin
Average rating:  
 23 reviews
 by Roaya S.

Ich bin einfach nur begeistert von Antje. Ich habe große Freude an unseren Trainingseinheiten. Jedes Training setzt neue Reize und ich merke wie mein Körper sich immer mehr zum positiven verändert. Ich liebe ihre ruhige und motivierende Art. Ich bin super zufrieden und sehr glücklich, dass ich sie habe.

 by Anna

I already had previous experience with PT, which is why I can comfortably claim that Antje‘s approach is very unique and individual to her client‘s need. She continuously takes time to understand what you want and how she can motivate you best. She pushes where you need to be, but also appreciates your limits.
She is super knowledgeable about all things affecting your training and fitness, and she is always willing to share this.
Also she is just a very kind, open and funny person to have around...and you can be assured to have some laughs in between lifting those kilos.

I have started training with Antje in a phase of recovery after some serious injury and no sports for more than a year. I couldn’t think of a better person to help me gain back stability, confidence and fitness. It‘s definitely worth every penny - only wish I could afford to train with Antje multiple times a week.

 by Lisa

Thanks to Antje's empathic approach I felt comfortable and safe, something I believe is crucial when it comes to training. Antje is highly professional and knowledgable, helping not just to train but focussing on sharing her wisdom and teach the individual to learn the "why" and not just the "how". She quickly assesses areas of strength and development and builds out a personalised plan to work on. My goal had been to improve the technique and feel more comfortable with weight training, which after only 4 sessions feels already so much better. Antje helped me with ongoing coaching and finding ways that work for me. Her additional recommendations for weekly exercises in my personal time have been highly effective (thanks for the sore stomach muscles!) and I incorporated them into my routine.

Overall Antjes uplifting spirit makes every session fun; you'll always leave with a smile and the good feeling of having done something good for your mind and body.

 by Ashley

Best decision ever!!! Training with Antje these past three months has had such a positive impact on my overall health - physical and mental. I came to Antje with the goal of improving my fitness after a year of lockdown, reducing stress and mitigating the impact that sitting long hours in front of the computer has on my back. Strength training was something I had always wanted to try but never attempted.

Antje is an excellent trainer and teacher! She is encouraging and motivating and really knows how to help her clients. For example, I had been holding on to a lot of stress in my feet that I didn’t realize, which I have been able to improve greatly with her help. Her workouts are fun and challenging. She easily gauges what each person needs best, and quickly makes adjustments to get the most out of the workouts.

Her recommendations for equipment for my at-home sessions were spot-on and she also incorporated the equipment I already had on hand for my workouts. It’s so convenient to have them all on the app and the instructional videos to guide me through the sessions as well.

Last but not least, she has an awesome personality and is very uplifting! In spite of the long winter days and COVID-anxieties, she shines with positivity and encouragement. You can tell that the work she is doing is her passion.

I have just finished my first set of 5 sessions and I’m so looking forward to continuing to work with her!

 by Megan A.

Training with Antje keeps me sane and strong, and is the best investment I've made in myself!

My goals were around strength and functional movement (rather than aesthetics or weight loss) and I have found her to be understanding, empowering, and just the right amount of correctional. The value of paying a trainer to me comes with instruction and optimization, and I have been so grateful for her consistent and thoughtful feedback and workout designs.

I have also been super impressed with her professionalism and ability to react to changing conditions in the world (like all the gyms being closed for the better part of a year!) - we never lost momentum in our work together and I've had so much fun training with her in a variety of alternate environments.

It's also just a complete privilege and relief to find a local professional in Berlin who trains with me in perfect English.

I'm grateful all around and would recommend 110%!

 by Cäcilia

Personal Training bei Antje war für mich die beste Entscheidung, die ich fitness-technisch jemals getroffen habe: Sie hat mir in den Einzelstunden nicht nur die richtige Technik bei den Übungen beigebracht, sondern mir auch die nötige Portion Selbstvertrauen gegeben und mich dazu gebracht, an mich und meinen Körper/meine Kraft zu glauben. Dank eines individuellen und vorallem professionell strukturierten Trainingsplans habe ich mein (bis dato eher ziel-/planloses Training) auf ein neues Level heben können. Antje ist sehr professionell und durch ihr positives Mindset super motivierend – und trotz harter Arbeit beim Training bleibt durch ihre humorvolle Art auch der Spaß nicht auf der Strecke. Ich wünschte, ich hätte schon früher angefangen mit ihr zu arbeiten!

 by Alicja

Dank Antje konnte ich endlich mein Fitness-Wissen und -Unwissen ordnen und von Sport als Freizeit- und Entspannungsaktivität ins Body Shaping wechseln ;) Ich war "immer" sportlich, aber bei meinem einzigen Versuch Muskeln intensiv aufzubauen, hatte ich schnell das Gefühl, dass meine Beine zu dick werden und ich allgemein dick auszusehen beginne ;) Antje hat geprüft, welche Fitnessgeräte ich benutze und hat mir erklärt, welche zu meinen Fitness-Zielen passen und welche nicht und warum. Sie hat für mich Trainingspläne erstellt, die das Equipment benutzt haben, das ich schon zu Hause hatte, und auch neues, für welches sie mir auch direkt Beispiel-Links geschickt hat. Und siehe da: nach 2 Monaten flacher Bauch und sexy Po :D
+ Antje hat sich echt viele Gedanken gemacht und den Trainingsplan nicht nur für mich und meine Fitness-Ziele, sondern auch für mein Gesamt-Fitness-Budget, optimiert
+ Übungen sind sehr abwechslungsreich und ich freue mich jedes Mal auf das Training :D
+ tolle Beratung!
+ die Ergebnisse :D

 by Anna

Ich fühle mich bei Antje richtig gut aufgehoben. Ich hab 10 Stunden gebucht, die leider fast vorbei sind und ich überlege, weiter zu machen. Sie ist immer hoch professionell, top vorbereitet und lustig ist es auch noch. Sie beobachtet die Ausführung sehr genau und korrigiert wenn nötig. Es ist nie langweilig oder routiniert. "Standard"-Übungen gibt sie immer noch einen Twist und ich hab auch viel neue Übungen (und Geräte) kennengelernt. Und ich bilde mir ein, man sieht auch schon was :) In jedem Fall eine Empfehlung ohne ein einziges Aber.

 by Nouhaila

Antje is the perfect personal trainer! She really makes sure you get the most out of each session and genuinely cares for you to have actual results! I am honestly very happy to have her help in my fitness journey!

 by Paula

Das Workout mit Antje macht super großen Spaß!! Sie erklärt jede Übung ganz genau und verständlich, sodass man alles einfach nachmachen kann. Die Zeit während des Workouts wird optimal genutzt und jedes Personal Traibing ist anders. Ich würde immer wieder zum Personal Training bei Antje gehen.

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